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Fixturlaser Motor Shaft Alignment Systems for Industry

The Fixturlaser XA Motor Alignment System features a live 3-D display to enable precision alignment adjustmentThe alignment of motor shafts and couplings with driven plant machinery such as pumps, grearboxes and fans is critical to ensure efficient running of plant items and to reduce the risk of plant breakdowns in service.

The misalignment of motor driveshafts creates eccentric vibration forces which lead to the premature wear of bearings, seals and couplings. It is a recognised statistic that over 50% of plant failures are a result of misalignment.

Monition Ltd – Fixturlaser UK offer a number of powerful, easy-to-operate laser alignment systems specifically designed for conducting fast, precision motor shaft coupling alignment in the field. In addition to the alignment of horizontal and vertically mounted motors and drives, Fixturlaser’s powerful XA system can upgraded to conduct alignment of offset drives and cardan shafts, and multiple unit machine trains.

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Benefits of Laser Systems for Motor Alignment:

  • Alignment takes minutes rather than hours, compared to traditional clock gauges, DTI's, piano wire and manual reverse-rim motor alignment techniques
  • Reduced motor maintenance costs by ensuring precision alignment of rotating shafts
  • Prolonged asset life with Increased meantime between failures
  • Optimum operating efficiency with reduced vibration levels
  • Improved operating efficiency = reduced energy consumption
  • Increased production quantity and quality
  • The XA Motor Alignment System can be upgraded to conduct Machine Train Alignment - click here to read more about Machine Train Alignment
  • The XA Motor Alignment System can be upgraded with the OL2R (Online to Offline Running) to conduct alignment of hot motors, and motors affected by dynamic factors such as Thermal Growth and process vibration forces.
  • The XA Motor Alignment System can be upgraded with software and fixtures to conduct alignment of offset and cardan shafts - click here to read more about offset motor alignment.

The Fixturlaser XA System - THE Professional Motor Alignment System

Fixturlaser's professional motor alignment system - the Fixturlaser XA

The Fixturlaser XA express laser motor shaft alignment system, in addition to standard capabilities to perform vertical motor shaft alignment, horizontal motor shaft alignment, and motor soft foot checking, is available with applications for the more demanding alignment situations, including offset (cardan Shaft) Motor alignment, motor machine train alignment, and alignment of motors that are subject to dynamic forces including vibration and thermal growth.

The XA Motor Alignment Brochure can be downloaded by clicking here

The XA system can be upgraded with the XA Offset Expansion package to enable precision alignment of Offset Motors and Cardan Shafts. For further information, click here.

The XA system can also be upgraded with the XA Machine Train Expansion package to enable precision alignment of Machine Trains and multiple units. For further information, click here.

Colour touchscreen, onscreen animations and live data screen cobine to make the XA system the most user-friendly motor shaft alignment system available on the market.

No expertise in alignment is required in order to use the Fixturlaser XA laser motor alignment system. The whole alignment process is shown on the screen, using 3-D Macromedia® Flash™ animations that are simple to comprehend. Color coded values simplify and speed up the interpretation of the results.

The XA Motor Alignment technical Specification can be downloaded by clicking here

Motor Alignment for Energy Reduction

Misaligned Motors are a major source of wasted energy. Why? Well if a Motor is misaligned, there is increased friction on the shaft making it harder to turn. Therefore, a Motor will draw more power (i.e. increase its energy consumption) in order to turn its misaligned shaft. Ensuring that Motors and shafts are correctly aligned will enable efficient operation and reduce the energy consumption of the unit.

Misaligned motor shafts increase friction and load on motors and components - increasing energy consumption due to friction heat and increased power requirements to oversome the additional resistance

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A Fixturlaser Motor Alignment System offers precision alignment of Motor shafts and couplings to within hundredths of a millimetre. The latest Motor Alignment System manufactured by Fixturlaser offers sophisticated laser alignment technology that is fast and easy to operate in the field. Monition is the distributor for Fixturlaser Laser Alignment systems here in the UK. For additional information telephone Monition on 01909 722000. Alternatively you can email us at


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